Walking Through Recovery Group

Take the next step in your recovery journey.
This group provides a supportive and contained space to build new skills, increase insight, and explore challenges related to the addiction recovery process. You can look forward to discovering who you are beyond your addiction, learning to honor yourself in your healing journey, and forming new relationships.

The New Beginnings Center is excited to announce the relaunching of our Walking Through Recovery Group.

Our group is based on a mindfulness approach to exploring addictive behaviors developing out of a need to escape, numb, avoid or shut out the pain/chaos in life. This approach will gently address how to use aspects of mindfulness to create a supportive container. It will acknowledge the cravings while restructuring the natural reward pathways. In healing from addiction, one needs to relearn what is and is not important in life, which is often lost. This will be a safe and authentic group allowing its members to look deeply inside of their behaviors and develop healthier methods of dealing with their pain. Our group will be incorporating the concepts of “Refuge Recovery” which is a practice, a process, a set of tools, a treatment and a path to healing addiction and the suffering caused by addiction. The program does not ask anyone to believe anything, only to trust the process and to do the hard work of recovery. We are incorporating a systematic approach to treating and recovering from all forms of addiction. It has been our experience, that when sincerely practiced, the program will ensure a full recovery from addiction and a lifelong sense of well-being and happiness. 


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