Trauma Healing

The Somatic Approach to Healing Trauma
Our team of compassionate and skilled practitioners have a deep understanding of the body's capacity to heal to experience recovery and restore well-being.

What is Trauma?

Disembodiment and Disconnection:

Levels of Trauma

Symptoms of Trauma

Somatic Symptoms of Trauma

Cognitive Symptoms of Trauma

Digging Deeper: Understanding the "Red Zone"

Let’s take a look at the workings of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). This system is in charge of self-regulation, which is organ and metabolic function and homeostasis.  The ANS regulates our moods and energy level. It is an electrical system, always attempting to return to an energy-efficient, balanced state called homeostasis.


Our Range of Resilience is our current capacity for doing our life. When we are operating within our Range of Resilience (Green Zone), our day is balanced with periods of arousal or activity, followed by periods of rest or relaxation, and then repeat. When we ignore our need for a break (rest or relaxation) or additional stressors present themselves, we may find ourselves entering into a state of hyper-arousal (Fight or Flight Mode). We may experience the signals or symptoms illustrated in the Red Zone.

Biphasic Rollercoaster

​Since the ANS is an energy conserving system, what goes up, must come down. Therefore, even short periods of intense arousal (Red Zone) will likely be followed by signs and symptoms of Hypo-Arousal (Blue Zone). This state of ‘freeze’ or numbness may last a long time, hours or even days, as you might imagine a mammal in hibernation. The goal is to help ourselves lead a more balanced life in the Green Zone or at least be able to effectively care for ourselves when we find ourselves in the Red or Blue Zone.

Trauma Treatment Options

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing promotes awareness and release of nervous system arousal and physical tension that remains in the body in the aftermath of trauma.

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LGBTQ therapy

Rainbow Resilience

Rainbow Resilience is an LGBTQIA+ learning group that implements DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) skills to develop how to express your authentic self, find your voice, know your own self-worth, increase resilience and affirm your own body.

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Comprehensive Resource Model

Comprehensive Resource Model® ​The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) was originally developed for use with those individuals who experience the challenges of Complex PTSD, severe Dissociative

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Play therapy

Play Therapy

Play Therapy Play Therapy is an evidence-based psychotherapy approach that was formally introduced in 1921. This approach is primarily used with children but can benefit

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Cortical Field Re-education

CFR aims to restore our natural human movement and reverse the conscious and unconscious compensations that developed to initially protect us at the time of trauma, but no longer help us.

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