Taking Inventory in the (Nearly) Post-Pandemic World

As far as I can tell, there isn’t one human being who hasn’t been profoundly affected by Covid 19. Work changed, home life changed, even the way we got groceries changed for a little while. It became a naturally introspective time, and even if it was initially driven by fear of THE BUG ON THE LOOSE, there was certainly some beauty that unfolded. 

I invite you to consider your own “before and after” SELF as people are getting vaccinated and places are starting to come back to a sense of normalcy. Taking inventory can be a valuable part of personal growth. It offers a road map of sorts. We know where we’ve been, but where are we going? More importantly, how do we know when we’ve arrived? 

Taking inventory helps us look more closely at the choices we make in our lives, from what or who stokes the fires and propels us forward to what or who dampens our drive and brings a dreary feeling. For some, issues around our gender or sexual identities and how we choose to show up in the world have surfaced. What about income? Is our career path feeding us or draining us? Do we love where we live, or do we feel called to establish new roots? Considering your age, you know that time is ticking, how long will you wait to step into your truth and really live in alignment with what makes YOU tick? 

We all have hopes and dreams. What are you doing to create the life you want? Has the isolation and fear from the pandemic evoked a sort of pressure cooker inside of you, like it has so many others?  Are you now ready to expand from that pressure into the diamond that you are? What kind of guidance do you need to take your first step? 

The offerings at New Beginnings are created to support you as you take your deep dive journey into personal exploration.

Along with our Intensive Outpatient Program and ongoing Outpatient therapy services, we also offer ongoing groups such as:

Reach out to us if you feel driven to learn how to heal the fears that prevent you from claiming your right to living a life filled with love, strength and joy. We get it, and we want you to know that even if you feel isolated or confused right now, you’re not alone, and that feeling doesn’t have to last forever.


Staff article by,
Sarah Barrett Lepore, MA, LPC
Specializing in the
Comprehensive Resource Model

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