Susan Richter, MFT, CEDS

Co-Owner, Intake Director, Director of Clinical Training


CA License #19108
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  • Certified Eating Disorder Specialist
  • Certified Trauma Specialist
  • Over twenty-five years of experience
  • Individual, family, and group psychotherapy
  • Internship opportunities for therapists in training


Susan L. Richter MFT, CEDS, SEP is co-owner at The New Beginnings Center for Somatic Mental Health, in Camarillo, California. A Certified Eating Disorders Specialist trained in Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, and Comprehensive Resource Model, Susan has over 35 years of experience providing individual and group psychotherapy treatment to those with complex trauma, anxiety, dissociation and eating disorders, and is a frequent presenter at national conferences on these issues. Susan is an IAEDP Approved Supervisor, Training Director of New Beginning’s Associate Training Program and Treatment Planning Director of New Beginning’s mental health IOP.


My passion is helping people free themselves from eating disorders. I believe that eating disorders develop as a way to try and cope with problems, so when the very “solution” we’ve turned to begins to spiral out of control one can wind up feeling desperate and alone. Reaching out for help is an important first step towards freedom from the vicious cycle of eating disordered behaviors. My job, as an Eating Disorders Specialist is to help you “make sense” of these behaviors in an atmosphere of compassion and understanding. Once we can understand the needs, wants, or meaning that underlie the eating disorder behavior, we can begin to learn new ways to care for ourselves. With skilled support, the underlying tensions that trigger the eating disorder behavior can be resolved. Physical and emotional energy that has been bound up in the eating disorder behavior can be freed for more creative pursuits and fulfilling relationships.


  • Over twenty-five years experience
  • Licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist
  • Comprehensive Resource Model Practitioner
  • Certified Eating Disorders Specialist with extensive advanced training and experience treating:


NEDA– National Eating Disorders Association IADEP- International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals 
ANAD– National Association of Anorexia and Associated Disorders
AAMFT– American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
CAMFT– California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists 

What is a Specialist?

A Specialist is a person who: has completed speciality training, can verify extensive supervised hours of experience, and has passed the exams required by the credentialing organization. In my years of treating eating disorders, I have often worked with families who have depleted their emotional and financial reserved through unsuccessful treatment for a teenager.  Given the progressive nature of most eating disorders as well as their debilitating and potentially life-threatening physical consequences, I am always interested in helping such families find effective treatment as quickly as possible.

I have also worked with many adult clients who assumed that their eating disorder was a lifelong condition.  These people often blame themselves for their lack of progress toward recovery.  As someone who has recovered many years ago, I remember feeling the same way, so helping others find freedom from obsessing about food, weight and appearance is very important to me.  

According to the Academy of Eating Disorders, receiving prompt, effective treatment by trained specialists utilizing the most current, research-proven treatment protocols given a person the highest chance for recovery.  

The field of eating disorder treatment is relatively young, and, due to the complexity of these illnesses, it’s not surprising that getting an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan is often a difficult and frustrating task.  As a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist, I can provide diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment for all disorders of eating, weight, body image and compulsive behaviors such as exercise or shopping. 
Due to the importance of finding affordable and effective treatment, The New Beginnings Center offers a variety of treatment options for those seeking care

  1. Free ANAD Eating Disorders Support Group: This drop-in group is a good place to receive information and support.  The group is led by Masters’ level intern therapists under my supervision. 
  2. Individual and Group Therapy: In working with teens, adults, and families, we offer a collaborative approach which helps us to coordinate care with all treatment providers- physicians, psychiatrists, dieticians and others. 
  3. Insurance: We offer insurance billing as well as our skills at working with your insurance company to provide your care.  If you have had trouble finding specialists within your insurance network, we can help you deal with that difficulty. 
  4. Low Cost Care: Since I am an IADEP- approved supervisor, I supervise a number of Masters’ level interns.  I meet with each intern weekly to ensure the quality and effectiveness of their treatment of you or your loved one.  
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