Sarah Barrett Lepore, MA, LPCC


Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

CA License # 12496
(805) 628-2686

  • Comprehensive Resource Model
  • Trauma
  • Somatic Energy/Chakras
  • Meditation and Breathwork
  • Stress-Related Ailments
  • Gestalt
  • Youth, Teen, Adult


Sarah brings 30 years of studies in the realm of body/brain interaction and functionality. Neuroscience, Quantum Healing and Epigenetics are all part of the background with which she offers Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) to clients. She is also a student of Depth Psychology, Generational and Past Life Influences, Chakras and Energy Medicine, and overall holds an intention with her clients of getting to the root of the issue in order to empower them to continue life’s journey with inner strength.

She’s an MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. She also has two BAs, Psychology and Health/Physical Education. Sarah has worked in family therapy settings, hospice and bereavement with individuals and groups, and hospital ICU settings supporting families through shock of traumatic death. She’s a member of IICT and NBCC among other professional mental health/wellness organizations.

As a previous Licensed Professional Counselor in CO, she holds qualification to pursue the path of CRM Certification. As a CRM Practitioner working toward certification, she is consistently gaining greater knowledge and breadth of the Model, and has found The Comprehensive Resource Model bringing together all she knows to be true about resolving the effects of trauma on a mind and body level.

​In 2014 she founded a business called Chakra Strength where she uses her diverse background to work with clients in person or online. Sarah is honored and excited to also be offering CRM at The New Beginnings Counseling Center.

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