How many times have you felt alone with your problems? Therapy groups provide a safe environment to process the challenges and opportunities of life. And it’s an effective way to enhance your individual psychotherapy. 

Benefits of Group Therapy may include

  • Improved relationship skills
  • Decreased feelings of isolation
  • Enhanced intimacy skills
  • Improved self-esteem/self-worth
  • Greater comfort in group settings 

During the current Covid-19 Crisis, we have moved many of our Group Therapy Sessions online.  Currently we offer the programs listed below via HIPAA compliant video conferencing.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Current Therapy Groups

Walking Through Recovery

Take the next step in your recovery journey. This group provides a supportive and contained space to build new skills, increase insight, and explore challenges related to the addiction recovery process.

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LGBTQ therapy

Rainbow Resilience

Rainbow Resilience is an LGBTQIA+ learning group that implements DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) skills to develop how to express your authentic self, find your voice, know your own self-worth, increase resilience and affirm your own body.

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women supporting each other

Eating Disorder Support

Share your experience strength, hope, and adversities in a welcoming and supportive environment where you can connect with and gain support from others who can relate to the struggles and successes of eating disorder recovery.

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Additional Psychotherapy Services

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