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None of us alone have the knowledge, experience, and resources to end centuries of racism or heal the pain and trauma that has resulted from the hate, prejudice, and white privilege woven through our governmental and societal structures. It is going to take all of us speaking out, listening up, advocating, creating, and joining together to pave a future that closes the racial divide and heals the wounds of oppression.

We presented a two-part series entitled “All of Us. Together.” in order to learn about the origins of systemic racism and steps that can be taken to advocate for change.

Combating Racism: How To Be An Active Ally In A Society Plagued By Systemic Racism with Miaya Wright Allen & Emem Brown

We will discuss racism, its institutionalized and systemic manifestations and action steps to take in becoming well-informed as an ally in supporting African Americans

Showing Up for Racial Justice: Reflections and Resources for this moment with Nicolette Walker & Jonathan Horton

An introduction to the organization, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), sharing of resources for anyone new to social justice work and addressing “white supremacy culture.”

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