Free Healing for Well-Being Webinar Series!

Healing Trauma = Brain + Body + Love

Our team of practitioners has created a free series of conversational and educational webinars to help you and those around you through this stressful time and return to what feels better. We understand that during this difficult time, our individual and collective resilience may be challenged, leading to increased anxiety, depression, chronic pain or other symptoms. Our brains and bodies are designed to manage stress and even trauma and be able to recover and heal if given adequate support. We will be offering education about how stress and trauma impact our mind, body, and heart, and how to heal them. We hope you’ll watch these webinars and share these resources with others.

Week 1

​Neurobiology of Trauma Healing:
How Trauma Impacts Your Brain and Tools for Healing

Trauma is stored like snapshots in the brain and body. It is triggered in the present when the opportunity of a similar perceived threat is experienced. This webinar will discuss how we re-engage the brain in ways that release traumatic memories and re-wire the brain’s capacity for healing.

Led by Susan L. Richter MFT, CEDS, SEP

Week 2

​Exploratory Movement for Trauma:
How Trauma Impacts Your Body and Tools for Healing

As trauma and it effects are held in the cells of the body, we can engage the process of interoception to essentially re-wire the brain to experience the present moment (what’s happening in the body right now), and then interact with it in some way (breathe or change the form) that can serve to increase affect management and extinguish PTSD triggers. This webinar will demonstrate focused awareness during exploratory movement and how it can greatly expand interoceptive awareness and promote healing.

Led by Sean Baker, LMFT, SEP

Week 3

Love Heals:
How Trauma Impacts Your Relationships and Tools for Healing

Unhealed trauma can prevent effective or lasting access to the self-state of unconditional love. We may talk about love and encourage self-caring behaviors, but when there is a powerful protective part of us who does not feel worthy of love, deserving of love or feels threatened by the positive experience of feelings such as love, those practices or self-loving attitudes are rendered difficult or impossible to achieve. This webinar will discuss how we can move out of reactivity and back into the authentic self, healing our self and the relationships with those we love.

Led by Dale Ryder, LCSW, Reiki Master

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