​Dale Ryder, LCSW


(805) 987-3162 

  • Trauma
  • Family Therapy
  • Family Workshops
  • Healer/Spiritual Teacher
  • Reiki Master
Dale Ryder


​​​Dale Ryder, LCSW has worked as a healer/spiritual teacher and therapist for more than 25 years. She studied social work and facilitates family workshops that bring generational shifts to the all members. Dale utilizes a needs based approach to divine alignment, bringing the person back “home” to the strengths of who they are. Dale studied in Sedona, AZ. with a shamanic teacher, Anahata Ananda, bringing a journey experience to her reiki sessions. The recovery field has given her an incredible opportunity to assist others and gain insight into her own personal growth and assist families in generational healing. She believes that spirituality, family work and relationships are at the core of peoples’ struggles, and offers her gifts of healing with an open heart. Dale is passionate about assisting others in reclaiming their authentic self through connecting with spiritual practices and accepting the vision that we are all on this path together.

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