Children and Adolescent Therapy

Growing and developing social skills, and emotional intelligence are important for leading happy and healthy lives. When children or adolescents experience challenging situations, emotional struggles, or changes in behaviors, they can interfere with their happiness, quality of life, and ability to thrive. Our therapists will create a safe and open environment and, using a variety of approaches will help your child or adolescent by offering emotional support, building communication and social skills, facilitating understand and expression of feelings, and trying out new solution to challenges.

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Find the Right Therapist for Your Child or Adolescent

Alexis Forrey

Alexis Forrey, LMFT

Alexis has worked both administratively and clinically in the mental health field; specifically working with eating disorders, substance abuse, and other co-occurring disorders.

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Grant LaVigna, LMFT

I specialize in working with families who are struggling with the many challenges of raising a child with Autism or other intellectual disabilities. I have over 22 years of experience in working directly with special needs kids and adults, in multiple settings.

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LMFT Therapist

Kelly Spondello, LMFT

Kelly has worked in mental health treatment settings for nearly ten years, treating both adolescents and adults with sensitivity and understanding. Kelly has developed an integrative approach to working with clients that facilitates a compassionate, authentic, and honest therapeutic relationship.

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Renee Brooks, LMFT

Renee Brooks, LMFT

Renee believes that therapy is the collaborative relationship between therapist and client that allows each client to explore not only their symptoms but understand one’s self, while obtaining valuable tools to deal with emotions, conflict, and interpersonal communication.

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Sarah Barrett Lepore, MA, LPCC

Sarah brings 30 years of studies in the realm of body/brain interaction and functionality. Neuroscience, Quantum Healing and Epigenetics are all part of the background with which she offers Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) to clients.

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