Meredith Linden AMFT

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Meredith has been working with dreams and art expression for several decades and works from psychodynamic/attachment and trauma-informed perspectives to tend to a person’s inner authority

Maggie Hernandez, MA, AMFT

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As a therapist, Maggie’s main goal is to support and encourage her clients as well as ask thought-provoking and insightful questions.

Arlene Raisner

laughter therapy

Laughter Yoga is a unique excercise routine developed by Indian physician Dr. Madan Kataria. It combines laughter exercises, cardio, and yoga breathing (Pranayama) which helps bring in more oxygen to the body and brain.

Creative Expression Therapy

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Contact Us for More Info Creative Expression Therapy Creative Expression Therapy utilizes various mediums to release physical and emotional tensions that are habitually held in the body. If left unaddressed these tensions can negatively impact our behavior, physical health, and mental health. By utilizing Creative Expression one can become aware of intense emotional states embedded […]

Alison Hochman

Alison Hochman, Therapist

Alison uses an integrative approach incorporating somatic techniques, DBT/mindfulness, and art therapy.

6 Steps to Destress Your summer Travel

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If you have the opportunity to get out of the house and get away this summer, hopefully, it is a time to rest, relax and refresh.  But inflation, airline cancellations, and soaring fuel costs have the potential to heap more anxiety on us just when we were looking forward to a break from the stress of life! We have […]

Meet Our Newest Clinicians

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Lillian Channing, MA, Tina Narang, MA and Kelly Spondello, LMFT bring an impressive array of education and experience to our team and we are excited to introduce them to you.

Lillian Channing, MA, LMFT

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With experience working at the Coalition for Family Harmony and the California Lutheran University Community Counseling Center, Lillian has provided therapy to individuals, couples, and family therapy to clients from diverse backgrounds, the LGBTQ+ population, clients recovering from various forms of trauma, a range of personality and mood disorders, life transitions, and codependency.

Holiday Thriving Guide

Christmas, Eating

We know the holidays can be an incredibly stressful time for so many. Unfortunately, one of the biggest stressors people face during this time of year is around food and appearance. So while ideally, this season would be a time for us to focus on connections, relationships, and celebratory experiences; we can acknowledge that this […]

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